Things That You can Do On A Special Occasion

When thinking of things to do for a special occasion such as a birthday or a track day or even an anniversary, you should consider an extreme experience day. An experience day can be almost anything and can range from a something extreme like a bungee jump to something a bit more relaxing like a pampering day at a spa. Extreme experience days are perhaps the best when planning a birthday or a track day as they will be the most fun as they allow you to have a day full of thrills and excitement, pushing yourself to the max! According to Aston Martin track day, there are many different things that you could do for your track experience day and here are just a few examples.

Bungee jumping

Becoming popular in the 1980’s bungee jumping is one of the most popular extreme experience days. According to Aston Martin, You could find your nearest location for a bungee jump and arrange for you and your friends to do it together. It will test your nerves and get the adrenaline going as you free fall from a building, bridge or ledge until the bungee cord reaches its full extension and recoils, leaving you going skywards with a massive G-force.


Perhaps slightly less scary than a bungee jump but still nerve wracking nonetheless an abseiling trip is also guaranteed to get the adrenaline going. You can learn the basics of abseiling fairly quickly, and your confidence is sure to grow, and you will be able to abseil quickly in no time. The feeling of just leaning backward off a cliff side or a climbing wall is not easy to beat and at many places, you can ‘up the adrenaline’ once you have got the hang of it by trying to get down in a fast time and even by doing it blindfolded.


Skydiving is, without the doubt, one of the most extreme experiences referring to Aston Track day activities and for thrill seekers is a simple ‘must do.’ Diving out of a plane and soaring down to earth is one of the most exhilarating feelings and one that will live with you forever. It takes just 20 minutes training to be able to jump and can be done in tandem with an instructor or by yourself if you have done it before.

Track Days

dfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfdfDo you just love speed? Have you always dreamt of driving a Ferrari or an Aston Martin? Then a track day can be the perfect day out for a birthday, or a stag/hen do. You will be able to take to one of the country’s best tracks and get taught by a professional. You will learn how to drive like a pro at top speeds and in many cases will be able to experience the real deal as you sit in the passenger’s seat while your teacher burns it around the track.
These are just some of the great extreme experience days that are available, and you can find much more by simply searching online.