Road Trip

Once in a while, it is good to say goodbye to daily routines and relax. Road trips is a good way to do this. For it to be enjoyable, it should be done with friends or family. Let us assume it is you and friends going for that road trip. What means of transport do you want to use? Some will think it like because all of us have private cars then transport is sorted. Well, private cars can be used, but buses are better. This article will give some disadvantages of using private car cars for a road trip.


No fun

The fun of a road trip is when all of your travel in the same car. If you are a group of more than five, there is no way you will use a single car. Two or three will do. This spoils the fun. It would be more enjoyable if all of you were in the same car, driving at the same speed, laughing at the same jokes and such.


Road trips are done over long distances. This means you must service your vehicle before the trip. It will be very expensive servicing three cars compared to a single bus. The saved costs can be used to buy other stuff needed for the road trip.


Private cars are small in size. You are not in a position to stand and stretch. But with a bus, you can stand to walk around take pictures of nature outside, flip your seat and sleep and such. It is only in a bus where such freedom can be got. A bus can accommodate a large number of people without having to feel suffocated or strained. For the best road trip experience hire a bus. It will cost you way less and be more fun.